Primi - Pasta

(Ask your waiter if you would like gluten free pasta)

Paccheri Golosi - Large tube pasta with Prosciutto, Porcini Mushrooms & Truffle Oil in a cream sauce 23.50

Mezzi Rigatoni alla Carbonara - Pasta with pancetta, eggs & Pecorino Romano cheese 19.50

Mezzi Rigatoni alla Norcina - Pasta with Italian sausage, porcini mushrooms, cream sauce 19.95

Pappardelle al Ragù - Wide noodle pasta with lamb and tomato sauce 19.95

Fettuccine al Salmone - Flat house-made noodles with asparagus & smoked salmon in a cream sauce 21.95

Bucatini Amatriciana - Hollow spaghetti with house cured guanciale, onion, tomato sauce & Pecorino Romano cheese 20.50

Spaghetti Neri - Squid ink pasta with mixed seafood in a fresh tomato sauce 22.95

Tonnarelli Vongole - House-made spaghetti with fresh clams, extra virgin olive oil, garlic & fresh tomato 21.95

Gnocchi - Potato dumplings with your choice of Sorrentina or Gorgonzola sauce 19.95

Ravioli di Castagne - Filled with chestnuts in a buttery sage sauce, topped with crispy pancetta 20.50

Mezzi Rigatoni "Braccio di Ferro" - Pasta with prosciutto & puréed spinach in a light cream sauce topped with Pecorino Romano cheese 19.50

Paccheri Ripieni - Large tube pasta filled with spiced ground meat in a tomato-mozzarella sauce 21.50

Fettuccine Tricolore - House made noodles with cherry tomatoes, arugula & fresh mozzarella cheese 19.50

Pappardelle al Pesto - House-made wide noodles in our pesto sauce 19.95

Tonnarelli di Mare - House-made spaghetti with shrimp, calamari, arugula & fresh tomato in a white wine sauce 21.95

Risotto del Giorno - Arborio rice dish changes daily a.q.